Residential Blinds

Do you need to have blinds measured and fitted into your home? We supply and fit residential blinds for our clients throughout the South East of England.

Choosing your new blinds

Blinds are practical for obvious reasons but they are also a great way to update the look and feel of your space. Changing your blinds can bring a new and exciting element to a room and it can change the style of a room completely.

Choose from light, dark, pattered and even wooden blinds! And our blinds come in different styles like Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds and Vertical Blinds.

Practical reasons to fit Blinds

We know that you want your blinds to look great, but they are also practical. Make sure you consider the factors below before you choose your blinds.

Regulating Light

Blinds are an easy way to quickly regulate the light in a room, you can choose to shut the light out entirely or simply control this. Please bear in mind that for a living room or kitchen, you may want lighter blinds that shut out the glare but still allow a substantial amount of light into the room. For a bedroom, you may want a darker material, or even blackout blinds to help you sleep at night.

We will help you to choose your blinds so you pick the perfect style and material to suit your specifications.

Regulating Temperature

Regulating the temperature of a room is another important part of the function of a blind. If you have a room that is facing the sun for the duration of the day, it may get very hot in the room. The use of a blind will create a cool and comfortable temperature.

There is also the option for using a thicker, insulated material to keep the heat inside when the weather becomes colder.

Controlling dust

Blinds can help to stop dust from finding it's way into your home. If you like to keep your windows open, dust will inevitably find it's way into your home. Good, sturdy blinds will catch some of the dust and then these can be periodically removed and cleaned.

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