The Contract Between You & Mr Trax.

Once we have received any payment agreed as deposit or full payment then we will receipt you and process your order. This action brings into effect a legally binding contract so long as the products you have ordered are readily available. If there are any issues over stock then we will contact you and you can decide to re-select or withdraw. Should you withdraw then we will refund your monies in full.

The Price.

The price of goods and services is the price agreed between you the customer and Mr Trax. Please note... delivery is to U.K. mainland only at this time.

Your Right To Cancel Your Order With Mr Trax (Not with Made To Measure).

Please note that we cannot except cancellations of orders which have been made up for you to your own measurements. It is crucial that you get your sizes correct before ordering.

For all items bought in the standard sizes they have been issued in such as poles, then you can cancel within 7 days of order, so long as you did not ask for immediate delivery. In which case you will need to return the goods to us in good condition and at your expense. Once we determine that we have your goods we will return your payment.

We cannot accept cancellations of orders for made to measure products once the manufacturing process has started.

Our Right To Cancel With You.

We reserve the right to cancel any order placed with us due to the fact that we are not always in possession of all the facts regarding a situation. Our manufacturer may have ran out of an item or may have withdrawn it. Or we may find we have a delivery issue for your area.....other difficult circumstances can arise, in which case we will do our best inform you as soon as possible.

Delivery Of Your Goods.

We will deliver the goods you order to the address you provide in as short a time as is practically possible unless you ask us to do otherwise.

You should expect made to measure items within 21 working days, unless you are informed otherwise or we are able to make special and specific arrangements with you the customer.

Title Of Goods.

You will become the owner of the goods once they have been paid for and delivered to the address you have given us.

Do please make sure you have secure arrangements in place for when you expect your goods to arrive.

Our Liability.

We cannot accept liability for shortages or faulty goods if you with hold this information from us. We do need to know of any issues within 3 working days of you receiving your order so we can rectify any issues.


ALL notices or notifications for you to us MUST be to our Email mrtrax001@btinternet.com.

Extenuating Circumstances.

We cannot accept liability for anything that may happen to your goods which is outside of our control, although we will always do our best to sort out such issues to the benefit of all involved.